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Caitlin F.

Wedding Date: November 4, 2017 Wedding Location: Parador
Caitlin and I met through her wedding planner Claudia, owner of A Day To Remember.  Claudia and I have worked together many of times so she thought that Caitlin and I would be a good fit for each other. Boy was she right! Caitlin was definitely my most laid back bride this year.  She trusted me with all of her beauty decisions for both herself and her bridal party of 8. She and I spoke in person the day we met back in March and then we talked the day before her wedding with one or 2 email exchanges in between.  She literally had that much confidence in me and my team that we would come in to get the job done...and we did! We have officially given Mrs. Freeman the "Best Mother of the bride" award for making us feel so welcome that day. Anything we needed she had or would make sure to get.  She was the sweetest most kind person inside and out.  #ZallYouNeedIsLove

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Loren M.

Wedding Date: July 15, 2017 Wedding Location: Pecan Grove Country Club
Loren and I met through a previous bride I had last year. Ms. Carolyn renewed her vows with her long time husband and loved my team and I so much that she sent Loren our way. Now Loren is not one to wear makeup regularly and pretty much wears her hair either in a ponytail or straight so I had to coach her a bit. I loved how she trusted my decisions and pretty much let me do whatever I wanted. I have to say that she was one of those brides that you just love because she makes you feel like you're a part of her family. She became a client of my at the salon so now we get to see each other outside of "wedding" stuff.